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Foundation for Educational Excellence


Founded in 1997 by Pat Hamill, Chairman & CEO of Oakwood Homes, LLC, in collaboration with Marshall Kaplan, executive director of the Institute for Public Policy at the University of Colorado at Denver, the Foundation was created to foster outstanding public schools in the Far Northeast Denver community.

To date the foundation has received over $2.8 million from Oakwood Homes alone while valuable contributions have also been made by other homebuilders, foundations, businesses, and individuals as well. This generous support has allowed the Foundation to support and create projects that offer parents and students innovative educational opportunities in the schools within the community where they live.

The vision and goal is to utilize current and future resources within the community such as businesses, community leaders, public officials, and citizens to not only positively affect a child’s education, but to also make the Far Northeast Denver schools the model for education in the state and country.

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GVR E-12 Campus

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Schools and Education

Thanks to the Foundation for Educational Excellence, Green Valley Ranch is able to offer the children of its residents an abundance of unique and highly regarded educational opportunities. From exceptional teachers and challenging curriculums to extracurricular activities and specialized courses, the students of Green Valley Ranch learn to love learning.

Master Education Plan

The mission of the Green Valley Ranch Master Educational Plan is to establish Green Valley Ranch as a national benchmark for integrating quality learning programs and activities where all residents, regardless of age, can find a breadth of educational choices and opportunities to meet their individual educational and recreational requirements


• Omar D. Blair • Florid Pitt Waller • Evie Garrett Dennis
• Green Valley Elementary • MLK Jr. High School • DCIS at Montbello
• Marrama Elementary • Montbello High School  

DSST Evie Garrett Dennis Campus in Green Valley Ranch – The shared E-12 campus represents a powerful opportunity to create an "energized platform" for teaching and learning that is flexible and responsive to the needs of today's students. Fundamental to this effort is thinking in a transformative way about what the facility can be as a teaching laboratory that supports active student engagement, exploration and critical analysis about the world and their role within it.

DCIS at Montbello – A new Denver Public School with a focus on international studies, world languages, and integrated arts and technology. It is based on the successful DCIS in downtown Denver that has had 100% of its seniors graduate and be accepted into at least 2 colleges since 2006. DCISM is an innovation school with extended learning opportunities and scholarships for students to travel.

Schools and Educational Programming – Great communities require great schools. Study after study shows a direct correlation between world-class Pre-K and K-12 instruction and sustainable, high quality neighborhoods that produce students prepared for the rigors of active citizenship and long-term success.

Through the Foundation for Educational Excellence (FFEE) , we engage and partner with Oakwood Homes, school districts, community leaders and parents at the outset to discover the best ways we can create quality schools that will meet the needs of all children in Oakwood Homes communities. Once opportunities are identified, the Foundation provides grant funding to execute the desired outcomes.

Since its inception, the FFEE has awarded over $2.8 million dollars toward the improvement of public schools and has partnered with school districts, residents, and community leaders to provide the resources our children need to learn effectively.

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